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From the beginning of establishing the business, Gangfa has always kept the tenet of "people-oriented devotion to work and law-abiding, programmatic and innovative, seeking for remarkableness" as the spirits of the enterprise.

"Strictly control the management of the factory to create superb products; Thoughtfully service our customer to reach beneficial results" has been our guideline of quality.

By taking fully advantage of the international quality control system lSO9001, and the marketing strategy "Best Quality with Favorable Price" , our products- gasoline generator set, diesel generator set, electric motor, water pump, ST/STC alternator, etc, won the customers' superior favor all over the world.

About our products

GANGFA motor design different pumps for different fluids: clean water, dirty water, water with fine sand, hot water, diesel oil or hot oil .Make sure that your pump would be suitable for the transmitted fluid. Avoid using the clean water pump to deliver sewage because it will cause impeller blocked and the electric motor burn down. Do not use a dirty water pump to deliver clean fluid to avoid wasting power. Usually the ambient temperature is higher than the temperature showed in this catalogue. If you need pumps for higher temperature fluid, please advise us. We will find a solution for you.
We have three kinds of pumps for you to select, peripheral pump, centrifugal pump and Jet pump. Suppose all kinds of pumps of a same power: peripheral pump would provide a higher Head but lower Capacity than centrifugal pump and Jet pump. It can get higher Head in an economic way. Centrifugal pump provide large capacity. It has higher efficiency than that of peripheral and Jet pump. And it is a good choice for those pumps which expend a lot on electrical power to save energy, And Jet pump series provide more reliable output. Please check feature of each pump in this catalog for detail.
Owning to the atmospheric pressure, for a certain fluid, there is a certain suction head. For example, for water, the maximum suction lift of an ordinary domestic pump is about 8m.Even when the suction pipe would be pumped to vacuum, it would be about 10M high suction head only. However, choose a deep well pump instead when a deeper suction-15m for example is required. Because Deep well pump consists of two parts, Jet pump and Centrifugal pump. Its deeper head come from the combination of Jet pump's head and centrifugal pump's suction head. Take care to the NPSH(net positive suction head) when use industrial pump or civilian pump, to ensure the pump's stable and continual operation. But for pumps domestic using, usually we do not take NPSH into consideration.

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